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Pay In

For funds added through IMPS/NEFT, the client remitting the funds needs to send a proof to prove that the funds are remitted out of the client’s pre-registered bank account with Kunvarji as per KYC records. You can share your bank statement or passbook copy in order to update the credit for fund remitted by you. You can mail us at the below support@tradesapp.in Alternatively you may transfer funds through our Back office or through Mobile Appl. In these cases, it will be reflected in your account within half an hour.

If not, you may communicate to collection@kunvarji.com  or   support@tradesapp.in

You can add funds using NEFT/IMPS/RTGS using your Internet Banking by remitting the funds to Kunvarji’s bank account.

You can add Kunvarji as Beneficiary (Payee) in your internet banking portal and transfer funds

You can either deposit the cheque directly to the respective bank. Or transfer money through online Process. If you are not able to do so you can transfer online through Back Office\Mobile Application. Refer link for affiliated banks……

Alternatively you can send Payment to our Registered Office, Ahmedabad, while sending the payment through cheque, make sure to mention your Client ID on the back of the cheque for our reference.

You can transfer money to your trading accounts using following ways :-\

a. Through logging into your account in our back office by clicking on the following link https://backoffice.kunvarjidc.com/Focaps/Sessions/Login.cfm

b. Through logging into our Mobile trading App and using appropriate option. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYsdaJahjzo

c. Net banking

Pay Out

Equity withdrawal requests received till 3:30 PM on a working day for the same day are processed and the funds are transferred to your Bank Account within 24 hours.

Withdrawal request placed on Saturday and Sunday or any non-working day or a bank holiday, will be processed on next working day.

Funds remitted by client for margin is not eligible for refund on the same day, but can be remitted only next working day, subject to withdrawal request having been received from the client.

Funds from stock holdings sold, and Intraday profits gets added to withdrawable balance after T+ 2 working days. F&O profits, and funds released from derivatives margin (F&O, Currency Derivatives and Commodity Derivatives) will get added to withdrawable balance on T+1 working day.

Bank Details

Bank Account No. 57500000321607
In Favour Of: Kunvarji Finstock Pvt. Ltd.

Bank Account No. 57500000321607
IFSC code: HDFC0000006
In Favour of: Kunvarji Commodities Brokers Pvt. Ltd.